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Over the past few decades, Toyota has quickly risen to the top of the industry becoming well known for their long lasting vehicles, quality craftsmanship, and industry leading rebate programs. These programs offer money-saving rebates toward new vehicles for those who need it the most. One of the most popular rebate programs revolves around supporting our United States military.

The Toyota Military Rebate that is offered through Toyota allows current military, military retirees, veterans, and even household members of eligible military personnel to receive a $500 rebate toward a new Toyota vehicle. As military members make the transition back to civilian life, they are faced with a number of struggles. Buying a new vehicles shouldn’t be one and Toyota goes above and beyond with a $500 rebate that can be used toward a new vehicle purchase or lease for qualifying applicants.

Who Is Eligible For The Toyota Military Rebate?
Toyota has taken their level of customer service to the highest level, offering this rebate to not only current US military but to the following:
• Current U.S. Military Personnel
• Household Members Of Eligible U.S. Military Personnel (Gold Star Families Included)
• Retirees Of The U.S. Military (Within 1 Year Of Retirement)
• Veterans Of The U.S. Military (Within 1 Year Of Discharge)

Which Toyota Vehicles Are Eligible For The Military Rebate?
To help make this rebate even more enticing, Toyota allows this rebate to be used on any new Toyota vehicle that has been either leased or purchased through the Toyota Financial Services at your local Toyota Dealership.

What Are The Qualifications For The Toyota Military Rebate?
A certain criteria must be met by all applicants wanting to apply for this rebate. Interested candidates must have the following in order to qualify for the Toyota Military Rebate:
• You Must Provide A Verifiable Proof Of Military Status Or Active Service At Your Time Of Purchase. This Can Include:
o A Leave & Earning Statement
o A Military ID Card
o A DD Form 214, Certificate Of Discharge Or Release From Active Duty
• Proof Of Qualifying Salary
• Approval Of Credit By Your Toyota Financial Services Through A Toyota Dealer

How To Get Approved
While this rebate is offered for all current US military, household members of US military, retirees of the US military and veterans of the US military, not all who apply will be approved. To ensure your best shot at being approved. You must follow these steps.

1. Look over the qualifications and ensure that you have the necessary requirements for being approved for the rebate.
2. Visit your local Toyota dealer to speak to an associate about the Toyota Military Rebate.
3. Meet with The Toyota Financial Services to have your income and credit checked to ensure you are financially qualified for a new vehicle.
4. If approved, you may pick out the Toyota vehicle of your choice and receive the $500 rebate at the time of your purchase.

To make the process much easier and increase your chances of receiving the rebate, visit us at Pitts Toyota to speak to one of our highly experienced associates.

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