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After spending years studying and working, students who have earned their degree are eager to get to the next stage of their lives. Often they have plans to purchase a new car. Toyota recognizes the work those students have done, and they offer a College Graduate Program to help make the dream of car ownership a reality.

Who qualifies for the College Graduate Program?
Graduates of accredited four-year colleges, universities, or registered nursing programs may qualify if they graduated during the last two years. These students could also apply for the program if their graduation date is within six months of their purchase date. Students who have graduated from a two-year college, technical college, junior college, or university also are welcome to apply for the program if they finished during the previous two years or will finish within the next six months. Two-year trade school or vocational school graduates may also qualify if their graduation date was within the last two years or will be within six months of the purchase date. Graduate students who are enrolled in, or have graduated from, an accredited graduate degree program during the last two years may apply for the program as well.

What is needed to apply for the program?
Consumers wishing to apply for the Toyota Graduate Program should begin by submitting a credit application. In addition to a completed credit application, applicants need to provide proof of either present or future employment. If providing proof of future employment, the position must begin within 120 days of the date of the purchase contract. Toyota Financial Services must agree that the income presented is enough to cover the new vehicle payment as well as regular living expenses.

What benefits are available with the Toyota Graduate Program?
Consumers who meet all of the qualifications for the Graduate Program can receive a $500 rebate when financing or leasing a new Toyota vehicle through Toyota Financial Services at Pitts Toyota. Additionally, some finance programs offer a 90 day no payment option.

Where do buyers get more information?
To get more information about the Toyota Graduate Program, or to begin the application process, contact the finance professionals at Pitts Toyota.

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