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More and more Toyotas have Toyota Safety Sense. This is a full suite of crash avoidance systems that work with the driver to prevent accidents. Take a test drive and learn more at Pitts Toyota dealer serving Dublin GA.

If you are looking for these features, there are 17 Toyotas where the systems are standard. There are others where some of the components are standard or options. New Toyotas are trying to be the safest SUVS, cars and trucks on the road.

Forward Collision Avoidance
A collision warning watches for trouble. The Safety Sense autobrake will reduce speed and even stop the vehicle. This also works with the pedestrian watch, keeping a look out for people on the road. At slower speeds, this may save a life or stop a fender bender. At higher speeds, it can reduce the time it takes to stop. This may prevent an accident or reduce impact and injuries. Adaptive cruise control goes along with these systems. When ACC is in use, the driver can allow the Toyota to make speed decisions based on traffic.

Lane Keeper
A lane departure warning tells the driver to straighten up the Toyota in its lane. If this goes unheeded, a light assist helps the driver get the Toyota back to safety. This should prevent common side swipe accidents.

Automatic High Beams
These lights raise or lower according to light conditions. This allows the driver to keep their hands on the wheel during busy nighttime drives. Contact us for more information.

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