Pitts Toyota Reviews 2018 Toyota Yaris iA

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There are many small sedans, but there’s only one 2018 Toyota Yaris iA. It has the rare distinction in its class of making it onto the Top Safety Pick list for 2017. It is so well-liked by critics that Consumer Reports placed it on the 2017 Ten Best Cars list.

Top Safety Pick

What drove the Insurance Institute to even consider this small car for such an honor as Top Safety Pick? One factor was its eight airbags. A bigger factor was standard collision mitigation. To help you avoid fender benders or hitting a pedestrian, the car can stop itself when driving at 18 mph or less.

Consumer Reports Top Ten
To beat others in its segment, the Yaris iA had to impress the critics at Consumer Reports, which considers most in this segment to be insubstantial models. Their critics write that the iA is refined for its class. They praise the slick six-speed automatic transmission, the smooth four-cylinder engine, eager handling, and well-tuned steering. As a budget sedan, the critics noted that it is especially appealing that the Yaris iA has a low-speed autobrake and a modern infotainment system. This combination of capability and features makes it a good package to those on a budget who demand value and quality. Get pre-approved at Pitts Toyota dealer serving Dublin GA.

Fuel Economy
If you are on a budget, you’ll appreciate how much the Yaris iA saves you at the pump. These numbers sound almost like a hybrid.
Manual Transmission 30 mpg/city 39 mpg/highway
Automatic Transmission 32 mpg city 40 mpg/highway

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