Pitts Toyota Reviews: How Dependable is the Toyota Sienna?

January 15th, 2019 by

The Toyota Sienna is Toyota’s flagship minivan that has been produced since 1997. In its early beginnings, the Sienna was much smaller than comparable minivans until a redesign in 2003 brought it to the dimensions of its competitors. In 2010, the Sienna got its first award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as a “Top Safety Pick” showing that Toyota was making great strides with this minivan. Each year, Toyota improves on the Sienna making it more efficient and more comfortable not only for the driver, but the passengers as well.

While Toyota has a very good reputation of having very reliable and dependable vehicles, we often get the question of “How dependable is the Toyota Sienna?”. The answer is quite simple as the Sienna is one of the most dependable minivans of the last decade providing to uphold its resale value in the used car market.

The Toyota Sienna predominantly featured a V6 engine as most minivans are equipped with, however, they did feature a 4 cylinder motor throughout a couple of years. The V6 engine provides a perfect amount of performance to keep the minivan efficient while giving it enough power to adequately pass slower vehicles along the highway. With a Toyota V6 engine, no major mechanical problems have been reported throughout the Sienna’s lifetime with some seeing over 200,000 miles with no major issues.

Toyota’s interiors, no matter what vehicle you are looking at, have always been a step above the rest in all available trim models. The Sienna is no exception and provides a very comfortable, technologically advanced interior that stands up to the test of time. With other comparable minivans, you may see very worn out interiors or signs of aging, but the Sienna interiors have always been built to last allowing you to keep you comfortable for years to come.

Although most minivans look the same due to most buying them for their function not their form, the Sienna seems to break the mold a little bit and add some styling cues from the Camry in it’s newer models. These exterior styling cues show to craftsmanship that Toyota has put into this minivan to ensure that it not only gets the job done, it looks great doing it as well. With detail to the exterior as seen on these Sienna’s, we know that there is little to worry about exterior wise.

Overall, the Toyota Sienna is a very dependable vehicle no matter what generation or year model you choose to get. From its very humble beginnings to the new 2019 rolling off the showroom floor, you can rest assured that the Toyota Sienna that you choose for you and your family will give you many years of reliability, dependability, and the safety features to keep you safe and protected. Stop on by or give us a call at Lunch Toyota today to check out our wide selection of Toyota Sienna’s and see for yourself why it is considered on of the most dependable minivans of the past decade.

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