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Family Drivers Deserve the Power of the Sienna

The 2017 Toyota Sienna is back and more powerful than ever. It has a new transmission and more horses under the hood. You'll find this family vehicle at Pitts Toyota dealer serving Dublin, GA.

More Performance
When it comes to performance, the driver can always use a few more…

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Celebrating 50 Years of the Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has a long history. It has been 50 years since its introduction to the world. Over the years, the sedan has earned a spot on the best-selling cars list again and again. Today's Corolla offers more value, more spaciousness, and more technology than ever before in its history. 

The latest developments in Toyota technology…

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Introducing the 2017 Toyota Yarus iA Soirt Sedan

If you are looking for a budget-friendly car that's also a good value, you need to head for Pitts Toyota dealer serving Dublin, GA. The 2017 Toyota Yaris iA sport sedan is all new and ready to show you what it can do. 

All Aboard!
Recognizing that modern drivers want modern tools, the Yaris iA comes with push button start and a keyless remote. The…

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Certified Preowned Toyotas Offer True Quality

Toyota certified used cars must meet special criteria and also pass rigorous inspection after a thorough reconditioning. With special warranties, a standard CarFax report, and other benefits, certified used cars offer value plus true peace of mind. You will find a selection of well-maintained used Toyotas at Pitts Toyota dealership serving Dublin, GA.

Special Criteria
At Pitts Toyota, certified pre-owned cars are limited to those…

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Pitts Toyota Reviews the Toyota Avalon Hybrid

The Toyota Avalon Hybrid really represents the best of two worlds. On the one hand, it is an award-winning sedan with tons of space for a family. On the other, it is a leader in its class, offering better fuel economy and lower operating costs. If you are looking for a smart retreat from the ordinary, test drive the Avalon at Pitts Toyota dealer serving Warner Robins GA.

Fired Up
This is no slowpoke. You…
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Pitts Toyota Reviews the Sienna Driveability

If you want a minivan, but you want a driver-oriented machine, the 2017 Toyota Sienna is a good pick. It was designed to be as drivable for Moms and Dads as it is livable for the American family. You can find the Sienna minivan at Pitts Toyota dealer serving Dublin GA.

If you want powerful performance, you will appreciate the 2017 Sienna. It has more power and horsepower than rival minivans. Here is a…
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Pitts Toyota Reviews the 2017 Toyota Corolla vs. Ford Focus

The same class doesn’t always mean the same features, especially when it comes to the 2017 Toyota Corolla. So we thought we would compare this popular ride to a well-known competitor, the Ford Focus. After reading this Toyota review, you can check out the selection at Pitts Toyota dealer serving Dublin GA.

Bigger Back Seat
The Focus is a typical small sedan with 32 inches of back row legroom. On the other hand, Toyota…
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Pitts Toyota Reviews Toyota Avalon Luxuries

If you want a luxury car, you can save money and get plenty of premium amenities in the 2017 Toyota Avalon. It all starts with a test drive at Pitts Toyota dealer serving Warner Robins GA.
Quiet and Serene
The first requirement of a luxury car is that its cabin be quiet and serene. The Avalon is built with anti-vibration subframes to prevent roughness, noise insulation and acoustic glass to keep out noise, and dual…
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Pitts Toyota Reviews Yaris Safety

Whether you drive a short distance or a long one daily, you deserve a reliable, safe ride. As commuter cars go, one of the best is the 2017 Toyota Yaris. This three-door or five-door hatchback is built for safety as you will learn in this review. Pitts Toyota dealer serving Dublin GA is your home for the latest deals on the affordable Yaris.
Staying Out of Harm's Way
Toyota uses its Star Safety System…
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Pitts Toyota Reviews Tacoma Technology

The 2017 Toyota Tacoma is the kind of truck that gets jobs done and keeps their owners on the go. Despite its emphasis on hard work, the truck is also focused on giving the owner the best of modern technology. This Toyota review will tell you about the Tacoma's more contemporary features. You are invited to test drive at Pitts Toyota dealer serving Dublin GA
The Tacoma SR is the base edition, but…
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